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The 10 Best Knife Lube in 2021 | Chef’s Choice

With so many formulas out there in the market, finding the best knife lube can be quite overwhelming for all knife-keepers and users alike. What’s even worse is that you might end up buying the wrong product which gradually ruins your precious blades.

But you don’t have to worry about it anymore, because you’re on your way to an abundance of solutions. These picks are meant to repossess the fluidity of your old knife back to new. However, if you use them responsibly on your maintenance days, then you won’t be losing the buttery feel in the first place.

#List Of The Best Knife Lube– Our Editor’s Pick:

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Top 10 Best Knife Lube Reviews

Finding a good lube for knife with perfect suitability may sound a little intimidating, especially if you don’t know where to look. We recommend that you go through all the product descriptions to understand the suitability factors properly.

1. Advance Weapons Technology Extreme Force Weapon’s Lube

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The best knife pivot lube in the market is the one that performs consistently, not instantly. This extreme force lube for weapons works flawlessly on all mechanical hinges and pivots. As a result, it widens the range of free motion on the metal, providing comfort and ease during use.

This variant comes in three different bottles of 15, 50, and 100 ml. So, you get to choose your dose. In other words, you won’t fall victim to traditional marketing schemes where it’s necessary to buy a large bottle despite having small needs.

The anti-coagulation feature comes in handy since there’s only a little lube in the 15- and 50-ml bottles. Not to mention, it doesn’t discolor the finish on wooden handles. If you use it carefully and only on one knife, a 15 ml bottle should last you several months. However, that largely depends on your usage.


  • Easy to apply
  • A wide variation of bottle size
  • Protects knife from adverse weather conditions
  • Ensures sustainable fluidity
  • Enforces protection against rust


  • Has the typical oil odor

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2. Frog Lube CLP Liquid or Spray

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a sprayer or a dropper, as CLP liquid comes with the configuration of both. So, all you need to do is choose and use it. Moreover, the packs they come in are quite economical. So, it’s not heavy on your pocket either.

The first thing that you’re supposed to notice when using this liquid is that it’s not super moist. In fact, as you turn the hinge a few times, you’ll find it to be drier than its competitors. But do not mistake it for a mishap, as this is how Frog Lube has designed them to function.

This lube gives your knife-turns a sleek flow, making them turn faster and smoother. And the most exciting part is that you get to calibrate the viscosity margin by dropping more or less on the jams. To sum it up, it’s both an efficient and sustainable greasing.


  • Long-lasting and efficient
  • Works as both lubricant and protectant
  • Offers good protection against rust
  • Gives a glossy look to the blades
  • Configurable and swappable bottle-heads


  • May discolor metal if used too frequently

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3. KPL Knife Pivot Lube Oil

[amazon fields=”B07L38LMPG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Most lubes in the market are made for either weapon polishing or gun bearings. Whereas KPL is the only brand that makes knife pivot lube, that is specifically designed to enhance blade rotations. As a result, they have gradually become a favorite to many users in the community.

Who doesn’t like to have their good old knife perform as well as new? This particular lube oil stands out from the crowd for being able to bring that feeling back. The packaging is secure enough for you to carry in your backpack as well. However, we do recommend that you check the seals before doing so.

If you are new to the lubricant sector, then this lube is perfect for you. Why? Because it’s easy to use & handle. You won’t have to research or learn a lot to be able to use this properly. Moreover, it comes with a detailed instructional guide that has almost all the information you’ll ever need.


  • Designed specifically for knives
  • Reduces friction by manifold
  • Doesn’t require a lot of research
  • Makes your knife good as new
  • Can be used for both cleaning and lubing


  • No significant rust prevention

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4. Advanced Weapons Technology  Lube Protection

[amazon fields=”B074HDVLCJ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

The sole purpose of using lube on your knife is to make the rugged gears turn smoother. Now this goal is attainable if you use vegetable oil as well. The only difference is that it’s not a sustainable choice for your precious blades. So, why settle for less when you can go for the best lube for knife bearings?

You don’t need to use a lot of this oil to get satisfactory results out of your knife either. A little can last a long time and take you a long way. The changes are quite instant and exciting! It even maintains stability, both under humid and dry weather conditions.

And it’s always better to try out the basics before progressing into advanced lubricants. This product will give you that opportunity, making it more than just an oil you put on your knife. So, you actually get to climb stairs with this thing. Moreover, it offers great value for money.


  • Safe for use on polymers
  • Needs only a few drops
  • Appropriate for carrying and travel
  • No bad odor
  • Best slip joint knife lube in the market for beginners


  • The bottle may leak upon too much pressure

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5. Nano-Oil Anti Friction Lube

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Nano-oil acts as an anti-oxidant, which provides a great layering against rust formation. So, the joints that you are oiling won’t get rusty or rigid anytime soon. If you know how to clean and lube your knife regularly, then there won’t be any rust to deal with in the first place.

This oil has become one of the leading brand names in the knife lubricant industry due to its unique approach to ease of use. The oil comes in a pen-like bottle that has a pointy nib at the end for precise dropping. So, you can use it even when you’re taking a walk. You have our word, it’s that simple!

But just in case you’re a lazy knife-keeper, you need not worry because the oil from this lube pen can last for a very long time. It even minimizes friction and gives you that buttery feel all of us adore.


  • Comes with refillable syringes
  • Minimizes internal metal to metal friction
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Pointed nib syringe for precise drops
  • Lasts longer than most other lubes on the list


  • Slightly more expensive than others

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6. Umbrella Corporation Unicorn Lube

[amazon fields=”B0742YLVQJ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Umbrella Corporation is not widely popular as a producer of knife lubes. As a result, most of their products remain underrated. But we’re about to break that chain by introducing you to yet another useful lube for your favorite knives. The Unicorn lube specializes in restoring the pivot on both new and old knives.

This folding knife lubricant packs quite a punch in only 2-3 drops. All you have to do is apply and start to rotate the joint steadily. In no time, you’ll find your knife joint moving freely. The entire process is so quick that it fascinates the users and keeps them coming back to Unicorn.

They also offer small bottles. So, if you’re not feeling too confident about it and just want to experiment without having to spend much, you can. It’s okay to break the tradition of using the same lubricants over and over. But make sure that you explore your options wisely.


  • Requires no more than 3-4 drops to unleash its potential
  • No unwanted moisture accumulation
  • Doesn’t compromise the overall metal integrity
  • Comes with a needle tip applicator


  • The feel of the viscosity may differ due to humidity

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7. KPL Combo Pack (Original and Heavy)

[amazon fields=”B07P3HB429″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

All the knife lube reviews up until this point were of individual lubes. This KPL pack is a little different because it comes with both the original formula and a thicker one. The original functions quite normally. And the other one is a little more viscous and has a smoother feel to the joint.

More often than not, the thicker one is used on detent balls. On the other hand, the KPL original is for the blades and the joints. When you pair these two together, they are quite a monstrosity.

However, don’t apply them both over each other, as that will have no special results. Remember that this combo doesn’t state being food safe. So, we cannot vouch for whether it is edible or not. But we don’t recommend taking risks. So, avoid using these on knives that you use for preparing food.


  • Able to penetrate all sorts of interfaces due to its fantastic wicking properties
  • Uses an innovative synthetic formula to keep away all sorts of contaminants
  • Works better on detent balls and tracks due to its comparatively higher viscosity
  • Comes with a nice floral smell


  • Unlikely to improve knives with bad or mediocre action
  • Comparatively expensive

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8. Frog Lube Extreme Liquid

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Frog Lube has a reputation for maintaining one-to-one service with their customers. As a result, they have had a huge up in their sales ever since their launch. Among the many successful lineups by FL, extreme liquid manages to stand out.

It has a minty fresh smell to it. So, it doesn’t make your knife smell bad, not even if you like storing your blades in cut-proof bags for longer periods. As far as temperature conditions are concerned, this is easily the best type of lube for knife.

This product stays where you apply it and doesn’t wear off. It is essentially helpful when you are using it on the go. And even if you accidentally apply more than necessary, it won’t turn out to be a problem. This is mainly because Frog Lube designs their lube to act only when it needs to.


  • Made using natural elements as a base instead of petroleum for a much smoother texture
  • Extremely durable and stays effective for very long periods
  • Equipped with a spray top which makes it easier to use
  • Has a very pleasant smell


  • The liquid isn’t thick enough for detent balls and tracks

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9. Frog Lube Knife Protection/Cleaning Kit

[amazon fields=”B081KX2W53″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This product is widely renowned in the community as one of the best pocket knife lubes, because it is very easy to use and performs well even under unfavorable conditions. The kit is also the only one on our list to come with an applicator swab. While that not might seem like a big upside at first, it is.

Most products will require you to drip lubes precisely in a screw spot to make it work. That is not the case with this one. If you simply dab a little oil on the swab and gently touch the joint, you’ll notice the lube gushing in. That’s your cue to start rotating the bolt to make it free and silky.

However, the liquid is not very viscous like the KPL heavy. So, it is not ideal for application on ball-sockets. If you are someone who wants to lube their detent ball and socket as part of maintenance, then this item is not for you.


  • Exceptionally durable and long-lasting
  • Comes in a unique gift-worthy package
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Uses a spray bottle for ease of application


  • Uses a very thin liquid which isn’t ideal for detent balls and tracks

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10. Pig Lube Knife Lubricant

[amazon fields=”B07ZWNK9JS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

The NASCAR race cars out there in the circuit use nano-particle technology to make their engine run faster and smoother. Here’s the surprise – the pig lube uses the same technology to smoothen knife sockets! So, it doesn’t need much explaining on how well it performs.

Bacon grease and synthetic oil are the two basic building blocks of the product’s formula. You’ll notice no signs of displacement or erosion, even if you like to use lubes more frequently than usual.

However, we don’t recommend using more than necessary because the lube doesn’t have any ‘anti-rust’ assurance.

This oil ensures that your knife won’t start to feel gunky or gritty after a few rotations. If you know how to apply lube properly, then you will largely benefit from this thing. But if you’re a beginner, then this product is not for you.


  • Uses purified pig fat with nano-particles that make the lube smoother than most other lubes
  • Comes with brilliant temperature stability
  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Can be a little difficult to use

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Final Words

Brands such as Frog Lube are for those who spin their knives once every two weeks or so. If you like seeing instant changes in your knife movement, then KPL will provide you with the best knife lube.

Looking for the best value for money? Go for the Unicorn lube. Remember that some lubricants are all-round performers, whereas some will cater to specific needs only. So, make your pick wisely to get the best out of your blades!

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